Power Flushing

Have you noticed cold patches on your radiators? Does your boiler make too much noise? Is your heating taking longer than it should to get going? If you think your heating system could be performing better, choose professional power flushing services with Evolution Plumbers.

This specialist process ensures your heating is working efficiently, flushing sludge and debris out of the system for the ultimate deep clean. We save you time, money and hassle, ensuring your boiler and heating system are in excellent working order.

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    Restore Your Heating System

    Why Choose Power Flushing?

    • Fewer boiler breakdowns – Extend the life of your boiler, reducing repairs or the need for a boiler replacement.

    • Reduce energy bills – Power flushing can help keep your heating bills down, which can increase if your system is having to work harder than it should be.

    • Improved heat distribution – By removing debris built up in the system, it clears the way for heat to circulate evenly throughout your property.

    • Safe and effective – Our experts use high velocity, low pressure techniques when flushing water through the system, ensuring no damage is caused.

    • Efficient heating – Get peace of mind your heating remains in a good working condition, restoring it to its optimum operation.

    How Power Flushing Works

    Power flushing works by removing a sludge-like substance (magnetite) from your heating system, formed by the corrosion of metals and a build-up of dirt. If left untouched, it could cause a range of problems to develop, from a slow system to cold rooms in your home. Blockages could even result in your boiler breaking down.

    Power flushing is one of the simplest, most effective ways to remove all the sludge from the system, as well as rust, debris and limescale, producing a deep clean like no other. During the process, our qualified plumbers will flush the system with chemicals and water, applied at high speed.

    Efficient Boilers & Heating Systems

    After our engineers clear your system of debris through effective power flushing, it can resolve a range of issues.

    • Your heating system can start up quicker
    • Quieter boilers – reduce noise issues
    • No more radiator leaks or cold patches
    • Stop some rooms feeling colder than others
    • Improve water quality in your boiler

    Expert Heating Engineers

    Our experienced, Gas Safe registered heating engineers work safely and quickly to power flush every part of your system. While we mainly come out to domestic properties, we’re happy to attend commercial premises too, ensuring your business can operate in a warm, comfortable environment. We can even perform power flushing before a new boiler is installed. Whatever maintenance you require, our expert team will tailor solutions to your needs.

    Let us know if you’d like a boiler servicing at your property.